Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight

We shrug and fill out the week with “Hold Me Tight!”

      Episode 83: Hold Me Tight

Don’t Bother Me

Don't Bother Me

George begs for privacy in the plaintive “Don’t Bother Me”!

      Episode 48: Don't Bother Me

Devil In Her Heart

Devil In Her Heart

George displays his early interest in spirituality with his version of “Devil In Her Heart”

      Episode 42: Devil In Her Heart

All My Loving

All My Loving

Paul takes some time away from pretending to kiss you to send you “All My Loving”

      Episode 9: All My Loving

All I’ve Got to Do

All I've Got to Do

What detail did John Lennon include in this song to appeal to American listeners? “All I’ve Got to Do” is download the podcast and find out!

      Episode 8: All I've Got to Do